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And we're off...

I officially have to change my occupation on Linked In to artist. I resigned my most recent position and am going to pursue creative activities full time. I am telling myself that this is very exciting. Not scary, very exciting. Not scary, very exciting. Not scary, very terrifying. I mean exciting. There have only been a few points since I was in my teens that I didn't have a job to keep me busy, or at least distracted, or to give me an excuse about why I wasn't giving my all to creative endeavors. And we're off...the coolest thing thus far is that I find inspiration in absolutely everything. The photos above are the ideas that are swimming in the forefront of my mind...and they are totally random. Modern English? Daisies? Quliting patterns? Snow White? Yep, my mind works in mysterious ways.

P.S. It helps that I have an awesome husband who is super supportive, couldn't do this without you. xoxo

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