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Stairway to Heaven.

A steep stairway, 25 steps behind a barely visible door lead up to my studio. It really is a little slice of heaven for me. My chair sits next to the window so I can capture every bit of light there is. Headphones on, an audiobook playing, I am lost in my world of painting.

Housed in the historic Curtis Building on Grand Avenue, above what used to be the hardware store and is now a concert venue, I share my space with two other painters and a graphic designer. We have dubbed our little creative loft, Second Story Studios. Next week we are hosting our official 'Grand Opening' and I'm looking forward to inviting others to see what is usually my sunlit, solo sanctuary.

Having this space has been absolutely amazing for several reasons. I feel inspired by my studio mates; Jen Sanborn, Shannon Richardson, and Brian Maul. Just knowing they are doing artsy things up there with me is awesome! But also it is the ability to go somewhere, to leave the house, to feel like I am going to work...even though it is too much fun to actually be called 'work'. I think it is so important for an artist to have their space to create, to honor their work in that way.

For my studioI am so freaking grateful!!

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