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Another museum??? Ugh!

That was probably my mantra as my parents hoped that some culture would sink in. even if by osmosis. Well, good job Mom and Dad, it totally worked! I found this picture today, documenting my overwhelming joy at the British Museum. It also made me remember sitting in the Louvre for days and being just furious that when we got to the Mona Lisa I was crowded out by masses of tourists and didn't get to listen to telephone thingy that gave a Mona Lisa spiel. Or there was being 15 and seeing the Alhambra and the Prado, completely disheartened that all my friends were spending the summer at Boulder Reservoir,

Times they have changed. I would totally rather visit a museum than hang out at the reservoir...well most of the time. So, much thanks to my parents, it worked. Art History by osmosis is totally a thing.

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