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So if you already follow me on Instagram you can quit reading now. Really, you already know all this.

A long time ago, in a land far away my dear friend Brittany and I had a long conversation about rainbows. After this I couldn't help but notice how many rainbows I came across daily. I started taking photos of all the rainbows I could. Umbrellas and paint sets and ribbons...and actual rainbows. When I had enough, I had a little bitty book made. It was expensive and now resides in a drawer somewhere. So thank goodness for Instagram, it was just the outlet I needed to post my #dailyrainbow.

It really is a bright spot in my daily grind. And it really makes my day when other people send me rainbows. How awesome is that? For someone to see a rainbow and think of you? Love it! So I've added my Instagram feed I to my website just to share my happy a little more. Hope you enjoy. (And start noticing the rainbows in your life.)

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