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2 shows in 2 months, busy summer!!

It has been a busy and exciting summer. Our space at Second Story Studios is up and running and we are loving it! And I am so glad I have had a space to paint because I have 2 shows up within a 1 mile radius!

Then just today, I hung a little show at the the Paonia Public Library. A bit of a departure for me, these are my "palette paintings". I have somehow managed to talk myself into having paint guilt. Whenever I finish a mosaic piece I have a beautiful palette of leftover color. Instead of just washing it away, I have started making pieces like you see above in the lower middle photo. They are fun and relaxing, a good balance to the intensity of my other work. These will be on display until July 15th.

So if you happen to be in my neck of the valley, stop in and check out the fruits of my busy summer!

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