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I have absolutely no idea who would want to read a blog about my musings, but it seems like a fun thing to do. I'll have to remember that this is out there in the interwebs...not a journal for my eyes only. And perhaps I should keep it fairly art related. So here goes. I'm feeling really conflicted about painting, this is the longest I've gone in five years without selling something. Therefore I feel unjustified in spending time on it, completely opposite of what I would say to the artists I work with at the gallery. I would tell them that they need to take their work seriously, that it is a job, that the more worth they see in their work the better. So why does that not work on me? I'm guessing part of it is because of the overwhelming time suck of all my other endeavors, work, volunteering, managing my health (ugh). So I quit my board of directors position, I am trying to hone my work hours down to 10 a week, I have studio space. I guess I'm out of excuses. Time to put brush to paper, start finding some inspiration and get to it. And as I would tell my artists, quit undervaluing my work. Time to go for it, I'm not getting any younger!! So maybe this blog will end up being some sort of accountability mechanism for me, I've now set my intention to "make a living with my creative mind". The interwebs can hold me to it.

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